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My Son

Here you will find pictures and memories of my son Mark, who passed away as a result of an auto accident, January 27, 1977. Mark, always remember your mommy loves you and you are never far from my heart and soul.

Hugs & kisses,


Mark, October 1, 1974 - age 3 days


Mark's first Helloween - October 31, 1974


Mark's last christmas, December 1976. This picture was taken one month before our fatal accident.


Mommy, Mark - age 1 1/2 years and baby brother, Jeremy - age 5 months.


Age 1 1/2. When I close my eyes and in my dreams and meditations, this is the child that I see. That happy face and blue eyes are so precious to me.


Christmas, 1975. Mark is 1 year old here.


Summer, 1976

I hope you have enjoyed my memories. Mark lives in my heart like every child a mother gives birth to. Mark was my first born and when he died, a mother's dream died also. He will forever be my baby, even as I and his brother continues to grow. I know his soul continues to grow but he will forever remain a baby to me. At one time, I did feel cheated of the pleasure to be his mother but now I, too, am older and wiser. I know, deep in my own heart and soul, someday, I will have the opportunity to be reunited with my son. Until then, God bless his little soul. Love is eternal.